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Renewing Made Easier.

by Van Huynh

Posted on September 23, 2013

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Every dollar can count.

Your mortgage term is about to end. You receive papers from your bank offering you the chance to re-sign at the same rate for another five years. Sounds like a deal since you probably did a lot of research the first time around right? But wait!

Mortgage rates (may) have gone down since you signed your last commitment. With a little bit of work, and after paying of any fees your last lender might throw at you as a detterence from signing elsewhere, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars!

I can help you sign a new rate up to six months before your mortgage renewal date to ensure you have the very best possible mortgage product. You have more choices than what your current lender has to offer. I can even offer to help by paying up to $300 of the discharge fees charged by your current lender.

A lower rate

With rates fluctuating ever so often, you may find that the rates today have dropped immensly compared to when you last signed. Take advantage of a lower rate by refinancing your mortgage.

Changing between options

Whether you've decided that a variable rate is more psychologically demanding than you anticpated or a fixed rate isn't saving you as much as you'd hoped, I can help you switch between the options and get you a product that you prefer.

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