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Refinancing: Your Money at Work.

by Van Huynh

Posted on September 23, 2013

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Treasure that isn't so hidden.

There could be a lot of equity sitting in your home already. Did you know you could refinance that money to do things you would better enjoy? Consider doing some renovations on your home to increase property value. You could use it on a new car. Perhaps you can go on a world wide vacation. Or you could wiseley invest it elsewhere.

Of course I'm not a financial advisor to be telling you how to spend your money. But I can help you find out how much you might be entitled to and how you would be able to get it.

More than one mortgage?

Perhaps you have a second and third mortgage. Consolidating your payments into one lower rate can be much easier to manage.

Consolidated debt

Paying the interest on your mortgage can save you a lot compared to that on your credit card and other loans. See if there are other ways to save.

A rainy day has come

If you need to make cash provisions for emergency situations refinacing your home entitles you to a safety net allowing you to breath easy.

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